10-10-2001  The events of September 11th will have everlasting effects our lives and life in these United States. I hope some of you were able to take advantage of the Red Cross Banner I placed on the web site to make a donation for the victims of the murdering terrorists. Our kids, and their kids, and the kids of many generations beyond that, will deal with some kind of  crap to protect us from murderers like the ones behind the Trade Center attack. We had better pray that all of the RIGHT THINKING countries in the world realize that they can be or already are, TARGETS. GOD Bless the World & guide it in it's endeavor to educate those that strive to destroy it's FREEDOM loving peoples.

Although this site is obviously heavy on content from the 40's, 50's & 60's, it is for all years right on up to 2000. I get content from you, the alumni of PSJA High School. I've had material promised to me and I'm still waiting on it. I've had questions via email wondering why I didn't have information about a reunion for this year or that, and if no one has sent me some information, then I can't post it in the 'DEN'. Send me some Memorabilia from your time at PSJA, or pictures scanned from your yearbook. Create a web page with some content from your years or register a domain name for your year. Wouldn't it be COOL if every graduating class from PSJA had it's own web site?? Don't know how to do any of these things? I'll be more than happy to give you some guidance and get you started. There are a few web sites for individual years out there. Class of 1976 is one.


11-11-2000 A year ago, this web site was born (launched) onto the WORLD WIDE WEB, called
"the Bears Den" with the domain name 'psjabears.net' Inspired by the former Bearette Anne Hilton ('60) Chaney known to most of us now as "Cheyanne" It was her diligence in keeping BEARS in touch with each other that planted the seed of a PSJA BEARS web site. So, although I do the 'nuts & bolts' of this web site, Cheyanne gets a GREAT BIG "ATTA-GIRL' from 'the Bears Den' THANKS ANN!

I see a lot of newly graduated BEARS have visited the Den and I welcome you. With the "tool" called the internet, you have the ability to 'keep in touch' much better than the Bears from the 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's, I hope you will realize how valuable that is.

Reflecting on some of the things I've seen about this site, GOOGLE search with "PSJA Bears" place it in the #1 position and most of the BANNER ADS lately have been for "CLASSMATES.COM", a 'you pay for it service' which is OK with me. I believe that any site that gives a person an opportunity to locate a old friend or classmate is worth mentioning. All the other sites I know about have a link to them in my 'tracks' section. If you know of one that isn't there, let me know and I'll add it.

Looking toward the future, I hope at some point in time a younger BEAR will want to take the rains of the Bears Den, I could use some help with some parts of the DEN. Email me if your interested. I am not giving it up yet, but maybe a few years down the road. Once A Bear, Always A Bear!
Think I'll have them bury me naked so I'll always be BARE!!! : )


4-2-2000 Just a few more days till I'm headed south to Kerrville. My brother Don will be traveling with me. Hopefully, I'll get lots of pictures & stories to share with you here in the Den. The new Guestbook seems to be working better than the old one. Some of the older entries have been moved to the Guestbook Archives & the site re-indexed for the "on-site" search engine. Other things have been added, just look for  & the date by it to locate new stuff. Hope to see & meet a bunch of you in Kerrville.


3-5-2000  Seems it wasn't long ago that we were mostly worried about that Y2K thing, now its the IRS & the price of gas. Sure glad I socked some back for the Kerrville trip. Lots of new things coming online in the Den. Replacing the un-used CHAT area with a FORUM, CHAT, MAIL LIST & TELL A FRIEND. If your a recent visitor, you already know about the YO Ranch. If you haven't been here in a while, the news is on the main DEN page. Go check out the new stuff, gimmie some feed-back on it. Oh yea, almost forgot, I dumped the old guest book and have a new one in place. While I was at it, I overhauled the Guestbook Archives. Lots easier to locate your time & classmates. Enjoy

1-15-2000  Just 90 more days till the Kerrville Reunion. Some feedback I'm getting indicates that there is still time to sign-up for this Reunion. Although the Deadline was back in November, several have called Doris Plath and registered as late as this last week. So don't delay if you want to go. I've added a Country Store, I'm not going to splash ads all over the place to promote this. I can see that the rapid growth of the Den, will at some point in time, require paying for server space. Anything I make from it will go toward maintaining 'the Bears Den'. So stop by 'the Country Store Den' and see if there is anything you like. Leon Cox sent me some pictures from the Class of '55 Reunion and they are here for your enjoyment. If you were there, please identify who was taking "VIDEO" , Mrs Cyphers would like to have a copy of the tape. Another page has been added to the "Before & After", a whole family of 'Bears' from '37 thru '76.
I plugged in a weather banner, thats so you Bears freezing your tusch off up north, can see the temp in Pharr. Another was added for Kerrville. On the horizon, more pictures for the Memorabilia page. Real MEMORY Wrenchers. As Always, GO BEARS! Thanks for stopping by.  Lowell

1-4-2000  Yep, Y2K came and went without so much as a whisper of all the hype & circumstance we've been hearing about for a couple of years. The lights are still on, the toilets still flush, my retirement check still hit the bank on time. So with that behind us, lets get on with the business at hand. I'd like to have more items to put into the Memorabilia area. More Bear's Tales (memories from your years at PSJA) I'd like to see some input from some of the Faculty (where is Elvis Ballew?{history, mid 50's}), whether High School or not.
Before & After
I've added to this area, check it out, especially Phil Cyphers' page. In the wings (coming), a family of Bears B&A Mama Bear & her cubs.  The Star Wars name  list continues to grow, as does the deceased list. All are updated regularly. I still need the School song sung by someone so I can play it on the "SONG" page.

On a personal note, I had a wonderful "REUNION" with a dear ol' friend a couple of weeks ago. We chatted on the phone for a little over two hours, we name dropped, discussed one guy or gal after another. Talked about swimming in the canals, teachers we liked or not. Shouting "EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it" on the main street of San Juan the day the Korean War ended in '53, the one and only special edition of "The Monitor" that I know of. The Boy Scouts & attending the dictation of  Falcon Dam in '55 as a Scout. Seeing President Ike at the dication. What our parent's were doing or had done in those days. What our brothers & sisters have been doing. All & all, a wonderful time we had just visiting with each other. Thanks Mick.

Closing on that note, I hope some of you have the opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones here at the Den cause, THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!



12-17-99 - Today is my son's birthday, 16 years of age. Getting his driver's license, I'm giving him my ol' '87 Ford Ranger...I remember getting my license, but I was 14 back in '55. Well, back to Den news! There seems to be a trend to more and more BEAR sites popping up. There is a web site for the Class of 1976 at http://www.psjaclassof76.com. They have a reunion cooking for the fall of 2000. Raymond M. Perkins has created a Web Ring for Bears, check it out at http://www.rmperkins.net/BearRing.html. Classmates.com has a forum at http://www.delphi.com/cm-10399/start/ I'll be placing links in the Bear Tracks area for these and any others I find.

11-21-1999 -I've had some problems with getting into the server to update the Bear's Den. I have received a lot of  new material that I have not been able to post. If you have sent me something and don't find it anywhere, it just means I haven't got to it yet. I'm making some cosmetic changes, frame around the logo at the top of each page, a better Texas flag. Both furnished by Carolyn Sue Danz. Thank you Sue.
As a navigational tool, if you see (date) on the main page, it means I've updated that link with the date I updated it.  If you see  it indicates a new feature link has been added.


I am elated at the response from Bears all across this great nation have had for this web site. It became clear that I wouldn't have time to answer to each and everyone individually. So the Web master's Den is created as a place for me to say "Thanks" to all for such a positive response to this humble effort to bring us together. If your a PSJA Bear, Graduated or not, your welcome here at your internet Bear's Den

I grew up in the valley, Moved there in 1945 at the age of four. Lived in San Juan on West 8th St. near San Antonio Ave. Fell off the slide at Sornson Elementary and broke my arm at seven. Attended Junior High at the School on what we called 'the back hwy.' which is Sam Houston Blvd. I think. Attended PSJA High on Hwy. 83 in Pharr my freshman & sophomore years. Then at 16, 1957, we moved to Dallas. So I didn't get to graduate at PSJA. Bummer! Never the less, I have strong ties with the Valley & PSJA .

I often wondered what happened to friends & classmates over the years. Then I found Classmates.com. That was great except it would cost $25 bucks to be able to join. The more I thought about it, the more I felt the PSJA Bears needed a place of their own. A free place. Then an Email from Cheyanne about the All Bears reunion in Kerrville. I wondered how many Bears never get a notice about a Reunion for their class. So 'the Bear's Den' was conceived. A free place to gather, a free place to announce up coming  Reunions. A free place to share those memories. It will work if you, the connected Bears, spread the word.

About the ad banner. The server space where psjabears.net resides is furnished by “Bravenet.” We get free space and they get a banner ad at the top of the pages. By the way, if you should hit on a page and it has a pop up banner, let us know. It means we forgot to place the code that locks the banner at the top.

Enough rambling, go enjoy your Bear's Den.