Phil Cyphers

From the Class of '55
A Caring Bear


Since the Reunion, Class of 1955, in October 1999, Phil Cyphers passed away. One of his classmates had this to say about Phil. Perhaps there is a lesson here for us all.

Subject: About Phil Cyphers

I did not know about Phil until Friday, 12/17/99, after being out
on the road all week and have been at a loss for words ever since.
We were  ALL blessed and fortunate that God arranged for us all to
share one last visit with him at the last reunion of class of '55 in
Oct. 1999.   Phil had such a good time talking to everyone and
seemed to really  enjoy himself.   Little did we know that it would
be our last visit, but somehow, I believe he knew.
        It was a special blessing for me because I have been waiting 45
years to tell him something that had been on my heart all these
years.  The last time I saw him was at graduation.
        I am telling something on him that I don't believe anyone ever
knew.  During our last night of spring training in football, of our
junior year,  I hurt my knee.   I was scheduled to be starting full
back the next year.   I had to have surgery and stayed in the
hospital four days.   Phil was  the only member of the team to
come visit me.  That has meant SO much to me over the years and
left a warm place in my heart that I will never forget.   He was a
genuinely warm, loving, and caring person.   When I shared this
memory and feelings with him the night at Ernests' house, he said,
"you don't know how much I appreciate you telling me this...  You
don't know how much this means to me."   I could see the
seriousness, sincerity, and love in his eyes as they welled up with
tears.   He expressed his gratitude several more times for telling
him this before the evening was over.  Now I can see that God was
working in both of our lives and I am honored and humbled to have
seen him one last time and been able to share these feelings with
him....   Phil, you will never be forgotten....

        Thank you Annette and Ken for getting the word out.

In His love,
Ron Mucha


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