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Carolyn Sue Danz



Here is a fun ‘memory’ from Pharr circa 1950. 

This was the McCullough Box & Crate Little League Baseball Team, the Valley Little League Champions that year.

Pictured in back are coaches:  Jack Christoffel and Kenneth Walters

Middle Row:  Larry Rose, Rufus Wisdom, Abel Guajardo, Tommy Rigney, Dan Wood, and Homer Riojas

Front Row:  Raul Cuellar, Robert Harrington, Robert Leal, Rudy Guajardo, Donny Eller and Dalton Hobbs

[The picture above was sent to Carolyn Sue by Robert Harrington. And the following picture is courtesy of Noe Garcia. Thanks to Sue and Noe for sharing these memories with us.]

Pictured below are Noe Garcia and Robert Ramirez who were members of The Eagles little league team which competed against the team pictured above.


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