Bear Tracks


Links for Bears:  Here are a few links you may find enjoyable.  If you have a home page you'd like to share, lay your tracks here so other Bears can visit your website.  Contact the Bear’s Den webmaster at pchsdon@hotmail.com to have your site included here. 


First are individual Bears’ web sites.  The following group of sites relates to the Valley in general.



Here are some "Bears' Dens" to check out.


*                 PSJA Bear Band  (Official Website)






                            Sulfur Creek Enterprises                         World Championships of Performing Arts


                                                           Javi Lopez's LocoStar


Donato Gomez, Class of '63, has a poem named "Brave Young Men"

published in the Literary Section of …

The Wall-USA, Viet Nam Veterans Memorial site




Rio Grande Valley Sites




RGV Guide  Lots of neat links here to things in the Valley.


  This link will take you to South Padre Island.
                                              [That ought to stir up some Bear (bare) memories.]



Here are some links about the Kerrville area which
you may want to explore if you're going to the semi-annual All Classes Reunion.

Other Web Sites

Notice:  You can find those 'Hugging Bears' you saw on the Home Page on an e-card located at www.ohmygoodness.com.  Click this hyperlink to check out that and other free e-cards.


Pharr Alumni Registry


PSJA Bear Web Ring